The engine room that drives the DCB is comprised of long-time friends, Paul Kuzik as low frequency provider and
Ned Stroh supplying the most empathetic drumming north of Brian Blade. Delivering the evening’s peaks is guitarist Dave O’Donnell
whose voltage runs via the great influencers George Harrison,
BIll Frisell and Doc Watson. Damian Calcagne plays a modded Hammond B3, that while mostly pure and true to the greatest tone on earth,
has the ability to bend, distort and deconstruct history beyond recognition. As a result, DCB paints a canvas of altered roots totally their own.

"Damian Calcagne’s lyrics have a knack for sounding like overheard conversations – your closest friend sharing their thoughts;
your conscience laying it all out in your head.
In the meantime, his keyboard playing is a sheer treat to listen to – Calcagne works through a massive palette of sounds...
You want to hear a modern-day master working a B-3? Put an ear to this, boys and girls.... - Brian Robbins, Relix Magazine

Collectively DCB’s members have appeared on the Billboard Charts, HBO’s Sopranos, Wes Anderson’s Moonrise Kingdom to name just a few.
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"Crisp, poignant songwriting, stellar musicianship. Damian and crew have raised the bar yet again."
- Lenny Bloch, CBS Radio/NYC,